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The Pull of Germany's economic engine

A mechanic works on a new Audi A4 car on the production line of the German car manufacturer's plant in the Bavarian city of Ingolstadt. (Photo: REUTERS/Michaela Rehle)

The pull of Germany's economic engine

Over the years, several countries have taken turns wearing the humiliating label of 'the Sick Man' of Europe.

Lately, there's more than one.

But Germany is robustly and resolutely not among them. It's better known as the economic engine of Europe.

Especially now, as it oversees and underwrites bailouts from Ireland to Greece, with Portugal, Spain and Italy in the rearview mirror.

While some endure austerity, Germany enjoys stability that's attracting the less fortunate. But they'll have to overcome corrosive mutual resentments if they're to prevent the economic insecurity turning into social conflict.

Our Radio-Canada colleague Sylvain Desjardins is in the German industrial heartland to see it.

Listen to Sylvain's dispatch

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