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India's surprise link to the heyday of jazz

Carlton Kitto (l) rehearses with fellow musicians in Calcutta, India, where Kitto continues his lifelong career as a Jazz musician. Photo/ courtesy of "Finding Carlton".

India's spicy import

Jazz! Since birth in the early 19-hundreds in the southern U.S., it's gone on to find a home in many other countries.

Soho Blues is thought to be the first jazz ever recorded...in India, way back in 1926 in Calcutta, led by Canadian trumpeter Jimmy Lequime.

It was all a long time ago, but some wonder who were these players?

And how did jazz wind up in India?

Filmmaker Susheel Kurien traced it from the twenties to a man in Calcutta today, one of the few jazz musicians left in India, custodian of a fading culture.

His documentary is called Finding Carlton; the story of jazz in India

Rick's interview with Kurien          Find more on Finding Carlton here 


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