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Deadly larceny over land in Haiti

A house in the Artibonite Valley in Haiti, destroyed by those claiming the property as their own. Photo/Connie Watson

This land is my land!

In Haiti, people are killing each other over land.

CBC's Connie Watson returned to Haiti this year and discovered a violent standoff that's stifling recovery. Your land or your life!

It's a murderous row over land title, and disaster victims are prey.

It's a country where few can actually produce a deed to their property, and that's a big incentive for others to try and force them off.

There's hope the earthquake that's left more than a million homeless might prompt a reform of the country's chaotic system of land ownership.

But nothing so far. 

Instead, it's anarchy.  And sometimes a violent free-for-all, as we heard last June from Connie.  

 Listen to Connie's documentary

The December 29 Dispatches program

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Marriage and divorce: Peruvian style

Newlyweds raise a toast after getting married during a mass wedding ceremony on Valentine's Day, 2010 in Lima, Peru. Mass weddings like this one - sponsored by the government are an enticement for common-law couples to tie the knot. (AP Photo/Karel Navarro)

 Love, marriage, and divorce: Peruvian-style

In December, 'tis the season for a gift that keeps on giving.  In Pery we're talking about marriange on a grand scale as sanctioned by the government.  Lori Chodos has this from "ring" side. 

Lori's View from Here

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Fast food in the land of slow cooking

A Domino's Pizza outlet stands next to Tikka Town at the DLF Mall food court in Delhi. (Photo/Faiz Jamil)

 Fast food in the land  of slow cooking

You know what they call a, ah, a Quarter Pounder with Cheese ah, in Paris? 

They call it a, Royale with Cheeeeese. 

With those lines in the film Pulp Fiction, Vincent enlightened the Fast Food Nation on the little differences one culture imposes on another's cuisine.  

Faz Jamil updates us now on what happens when India enters the picture. Hint. They call it a, McAloo Tikki.    

Faiz Jamil's View from Here


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Rio's Maracana makeover

A view of the construction underway at the fabled Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. Fans are upset that the stadium is being "upgraded" for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics, saying it's losing its character and becoming more corporate and elite.

Rio de Janeiro is having a love-hate relationship.  With a stadium. One of the world's largest.

And since it's going to host some big deal sports events pretty soon, they're going to make it...smaller. 
Which feels odd.

Then again, you should hear how Brazilian sports fans feel about it, especially when they find out why.

CBC correspondent Connie Watson is there as they give it a 110%. 

Connie's dispatch

The Dispatches Dec15 program

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Old pop bottles light up lives of Manila's poor

Sheila Royeras points to the new solar light bulb that's made from an old pop bottle. Photo/Simone Orendain

A litre of light

Discarded plastic bottles are throwing new light in a Philippine slum today in ways he'd never have imagined.

Simone Orendain's View from Here  

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Amsterdam "Santa's" helpers in blackface

Sinteklaas arrives with his black-faced helpers.  They're loveable  rascals, but some see them as slaves. Photo/Lauren Comiteau

Just plain offensive? Or just all in good fun?

We asked for your opinions; there are many responses in Your Dispatches

The story:

The holiday season may be a time of brotherly love and all, but in the Low Countries, it's becme the yearly collision of European and post-colonial sensibilities.

It starts with the Dutch tradition of celebrating a white-haired sort of Santa figure called Sinterklaas, and his little blackfaced helpers.

Lauren Comiteau's Dec 1 View From Here

What do you think?  Racist or post-racial?  Let us know with an email to dispatches@cbc.ca  Check out the responses

Dispatches December 1 program