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Ben Hur Live? More like Ben hurt.

The arena rock spectacular Ben Hur Live features real animals, a few ancient languages, a lot of skimpy outfits, and a few anachronisms as it arrives in Rome. (Photo/Getty Images Europe)

 Ben Hur? More like Ben Hurt

When Ben Hur was made back in 1959 -- it was box office gold. Good thing, because it was also the most expensive film ever made. 

And extravagant? 15,000 extras for the chariot scene alone. 

But it did huge box office, and saved the studio.  And 52 years later, Ben Hur's chariots have arrived in Rome, but this time, as a theatrical spectacle. 

And how's that working out? Dispatches contributor Megan Williams has a view from the audience. 

Hear Megan's View from Here 

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