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Whoonga! What's in the killer street drug of Durban?

Powdered whoonga is sprinkled on tobacco or marijuana providing an addictive and toxic high.(Photo/Anders Kelto)

There's a new street drug in South Africa that really is poison. 

Junkies get sick if they smoke it, and sicker if they don't. Then they die.

Journalist Anders Kelto traced it from the streets of Kwa Dabekaa township near Durban right into the laboratory, to discover what's hooking people on whoonga.

  Listen to Anders's View From Here

 His full documentary is on theJuly 28/31 edition of Dispatches

From Spain via Israel -- Ladino music revival

Isareli singer Yasmin Levy's father preserved Ladino folk songs from Spain which she is re-styling for new audiences. Photo/Ali Taskiran


Ladino is the music Jews took with them when they were expelled from Spain in 1492. It's finding new audiences, thanks to artists like Yasmin Levy.

Listen to Yasmin's musical story of Ladino

Thanks to Dispatches contributor Maria Bakkalapulo in Glasgow at the Celtic Connections music festival.

Yasmin's website

The July 14 Dispatches program page

The Dispatches View From Here blog

Ex-con released same day as his hit record

Larry Joe is an ex-con with a record.  He's a reformed South African housebreaker who caught his break when he was in jail north of Cape Town.  Pop musician Aron Turest-Swartz heard him sing and offered to record Larry, in prison.  The album Crazy Life was released in December, as was Larry. 

Larry's full story re-ran on Dispatches on July 7 and 10. 

The only song on Crazy Life that's sung in his native Afrikaans is called Gentle Side, which is the only English lyric in the song.

It's his view from inside, looking out.

This was from Dispatches, the week Larry was released.

Gentle Side     

The lyrics in English: 

- Do you know where I was?
- Did you see what I did?
- Could you have believed...
- dirty old pants, a torn old shirt...
- I was on a downward path.

- I was young and immature
- I was easily misled
- I wanted to be myself, believe just what I saw
- Listen, it was almost too late!

- Have you seen my gentle side before?
- Another chance for me.
- Have you seen my gentle side before?
- Give me another chance.

- Now you know who I am
- Have you heard everything?
- Could you have believed...
- I have a dream...me and you
- I am on my way up!

- Have you seen my gentle side before?
- Another chance for me.
- Have you seen my gentle side before?
- Give me another chance
- Give me another chance.