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Mean Home Alabama. Mixed results from law pushing Hispanics to self deport

Immigration law protestors gather outside the Alabama Statehouse in Montgomery, Alabama.  There's been a steady backlash against House Bill 56, which is considered one of the toughest law in the U.S. aimed at finding and expelling undocumented immigrants, many of whom do jobs American can't or won't do. (AP Photo/Dave Martin)

Deport thyself?

Alabama has a problem. Some people think it has too many illegal immigrants. Not as bad a problem as in some American states, but bad enough to look like a political problem.
Its solution is to get the illegals to deport themselves. And to craft a law, the notorious HB-56, making lawbreakers out of anybody who doesn't report them.

The result is a frightening mess for illegals and Alabamans alike, according to journalist Paul Reyes.

He wrote a major piece on the issue in a recent edition of Mother Jones magazine called "It's Just Not Right: The Failures of Alabama's Self-Deportation Experiment".

Listen to Rick's interview with Paul

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