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What do China's twin crises mean?

Activist Chen Guangcheng became the center of a diplomatic crisis between the U.S. and China since he was granted refuge in the American embassy in Beijing.  (Photo: Reuters)

Challenges for China's rulers

China is grappling with a series of scandals the likes of which the country hasn't seen in years.

And it's embarassing the leadership.

It began with the fall of Bo Xilai, a former Communist party boss, ostensibly for breaking party discipline, but also involves his wife, and a dead British businessman.

It was followed by the escape of a blind dissident who evaded house arrest and briefly took sanctuary in the US Embassy in Beijing.

How this gets resolved may change the face of the ruling Politburo. And for context, Rick spoke with longtime correspondent and Beijing resident Patrick Brown, who is familiar with both cases and has met Bo personally.

Listen to Rick's conversation with Patrick

Patrick Brown is a former CBC Correspondent who's been living in China for the past 9 years. He was in British Columbia.

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