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Young Senegalese "fed up" with regime

The "Fed Up" movement leaders hold a news conference determined to spark Senegalese out of their "defeatism" and to reclaim their government.  Photo/Amanda Fortier

"Spring" wind blows into Senegal streets

This weekend's election in Senegal isn't passing the smell test with some, and now there's a whiff of Arab Spring in the air.

It's an old story. A president comfortable in power tries engineering more of it.

But that didn't sit well with a small band of disaffected Senegalese young people, and it's morphed into a movement, spilling into the streets of this small African country.

It's a call out a president reneging on his promise to resign.

And we found Canadian journalist Amanda Fortier in with the ringleaders.

hear Amanda's dispatch

 The February 23 Dispatches program

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