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Syrian refugees' defiance and division

Art teacher Abdul Karim Haj Youseff shows a portrait he's painted on the wall of a tent in the Syrian refugee camp where he's living. (Photo: CBC)

Syria's escalating violence is driving many out of the country to sanctuary in neighbouring Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. 

With Turkey thought to be the most influential of the three, some view it as a possible intervenor, though analysts say its efforts to date haven't had much impact on Syria's leadership.

So while most of its exiles remain defiant, they're also divided over what to do next.  CBC Correspondent Derek Stoffel taps into that apprehension after gaining rare access to their refugee camps in Turkey. 

Derek's documentary


CBC Correspondent Derek Stoffel (right) talks with a group of Syrian refugees living at a camp at the Turkey/Syria border. (Photo: CBC)


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