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CBC Radio's Trailbreakers pre-empts the Dispatches Radio One broadcast Thursdays on January 12, 19, 26 and February 2. Podcasts and web editions (cbc.ca/dispatches) of the new Dispatches shows are still available around midday on Thursdays.The Sunday-evening Radio One broadcast, Sirius, U.S. and other broadcasters are not affefcted.

In Gaza, Palestinians have no problem keeping past heroes alive. Not so for their bretheren in East Jerusalem, where Israel is in control and is trying to re-write Palestinian text books. Photo/GettyImages

Israel rewrites the textbooks

They say the winner writes the history books.  Israel is trying to write them in East Jerusalem, and the Palestinians don't like it.

Some of their key actors and events have disappeared from Arabic school texts, triggering a backlash among parents and students.

CBC correspondent Derek Stoffel saw for himself, at one homework session.

 listen to Derek's dispatch

The January 12 Dispatches program 

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