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The concrete issue of carbon emissions

Concrete pipes are arranged along a road building site in Hanoi. Scientists at MIT are working on making greener concrete, to try to cut down on the Co2 emissions caused by cement manufacturing (Photo: Nguyen Huy Kham/Reuters)


Green concrete: a keystone for climate change
We talk alot about the greening of industry on this program. Funny we never got around to considering concrete before. 

CBC Correspondent David Common finally has, and introduces us to the folks with Big Bang Theory for better roads and buildings. 

David's dispatch

 The December 8 Dispatches program


 Robert Niven of Halifax wrote us to cast a Canadian angle on green concrete:

I really enjoyed your piece on green concrete today. Perhaps you'd be interested in some of the equally exciting work being done in Canada and other areas across North America. MIT is part of a broader community of industry, academics and start ups like ours that stretch from Boston to Silicon Valley and all across Canada. We are collectively on the verge of cracking the code to make carbon negative concrete that is scalable to meet the world's demand and possibly cheaper than current methods without compromising quality. This is truly a transformative change in our society.

CarbonCure Technologies is a Halifax-based company that was recently ranked among Canada's top 5 cleantech start ups. Working with academics and industry we have developed a simple device that is bolted into concrete plants that actually allows plants to consume (rather than emit) CO2 to make cheaper, stronger and greener concrete. Our plants are coming online this year in Nova Scotia, Silicon Valley and Toronto. It will possibly be the greenest commercially available concrete on the planet.


Robert Niven
CEO/ Founder
Carbon Sense Solutions Inc.
CarbonCure Technologies Inc.

CarbonCure's website


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