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Amsterdam "Santa's" helpers in blackface

Sinteklaas arrives with his black-faced helpers.  They're loveable  rascals, but some see them as slaves. Photo/Lauren Comiteau

Just plain offensive? Or just all in good fun?

We asked for your opinions; there are many responses in Your Dispatches

The story:

The holiday season may be a time of brotherly love and all, but in the Low Countries, it's becme the yearly collision of European and post-colonial sensibilities.

It starts with the Dutch tradition of celebrating a white-haired sort of Santa figure called Sinterklaas, and his little blackfaced helpers.

Lauren Comiteau's Dec 1 View From Here

What do you think?  Racist or post-racial?  Let us know with an email to dispatches@cbc.ca  Check out the responses

Dispatches December 1 program 

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