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Kudos for correspondents

Radio-Canada's Jean-Michel Leprince is only the 5th Canadian to receive the prestigious American award for international journalism, the Cabot Prize. Photo/Columbia School of Journalism

As seen on TV; only in Canada

A longtime Canadian journalist has won a prestigious award from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism in New York.

Veteran correspondent Jean-Michel Leprince of our French-language cousins at Radio-Canada is one of four winners of the Cabot Prize for Outstanding Reporting on Latin America and the Caribbean.

It's the oldest international award in journalism, conferred annually since 1939.

Jean-Michel is one of just five Canadian journalists to be honored with it -- and the first from Canadian television.

The judging panel praised his work for showing "scenes and stories of real life that too often do not appear on U.S. TV," and scolded the domestic networks for what it calls their "retreat from the region. 

Jean-Michel Leprince joined Rick from Montreal

The award has been give for the past 72 years, and just four other Canadians have won it. Grant Dexter of the Winnipeg Free Press in 1946, Paul Kidd with Southam News in 1966, John Harbron of the Toronto Telegram in 1970 and Paul Knox for The Globe and Mail in 2000.

  The Dispatches November 17 program


And recent recognition for fighting fear in Mexico

It seems that in the most dangerous city in the world, things can always get worse. Members of a drug cartel in the Mexican border city of Juarez recently killed off a bunch of their rivals, as usual. Then left their pieces all over town.

In Toronto, a city of comparable size, the past four years have seen 277 murders. In Juarez? 8,000.

Just living there is hazard enough. Reporting there borders on a death wish, but it's one defied each day by journalists Rocio Gallegos and Sandra Rodriguez of the newspaper El Diario.

Two of their colleagues have already been killed.

But the reporting of these two women has earned them this year's Knight International Journalism Award from the International Center for Journalists in Washington, D.C.

We thought you'd want to hear why they risk it. Sandra Rodriguez speaks for them both.

Hear her acceptance speech


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