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Surviving is winning in Afghan politics

Fawzia Koofi, seen with Afghan President Hamid Karzai over her right shoulder, She hopes to live long enough to run to replace him. Photo/Laura Lynch

From the moment she was born, Fawzia Koofi had to struggle to survive.

Now that she's running for president of Afghanistan, she's in another fight for her life.

She's just 35, and in pictures rarely smiles. Her round face stares out, serious and defiant behind a ring of bodyguards protecting her from assassins anxious to end a political reformer.

If she has her way, she'll be the first woman to ever lead the country. And she's used to firsts. First girl in her family to go to school. First woman elected to government office. But first female president in 2014?

Fawzia Koofi says she has to survive first, as Canadian correspondent Laura Lynch discovered in a visit to her house.

Listen to Laura's dispatch

The November 27 Dispatches program

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