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Pro-Gadhafi Africans confront Canadian reporter

Rokupa's Freetown Central Mosque (aka Gadhafi Mosque) (photo: Ambrose Boani.)

The mosque that Gadhafi built

If Moammar Gadhafi still has friends in Libya, they're keeping their mouths shut. 

Not so in distant Sierra Leone, where they're holding an all-night vigil and mourning him at a mosque he constructed in the capital, one of the many he funded in various African states in a bid to become "Emperor of Africa." 

Gadhafi also funded rebels Charles Taylor and Foday Sankoh, who unleashed civil war and the blood diamond trade on the west African state in the '90s.  

But his mosque and other largesse since then seem to have erased the bad memories, and makes folks mad when Canadian journalist Damon van der Linde comes around asking questions. 

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