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Sudan's "next" civil war in progress in Blue Nile

Hawa Jundi in a temporary camp where she sheltered after her village of Sally was bombed from the air. Photo/Jared Ferrie


Malawi this week refused to honor its obligation to arrest Sudan's visiting president, Omar al-Bashir, who's accused of genocide in Darfur. 

In Malawi, a spokesman said it was a matter of "brotherly co-existence."

Now, as it did in Darfur, Sudan has started an aerial bombing campaign against rebels in its southern border area.

President al-Bashir denies his government is bombarding the Blue Nile State. But Dispatches contributor Jared Ferrie hears different on the ground... 

Jared's dispatch

Here is a New York Times photo gallery.    Hear the full Dispatches episode here!

The Oct 20 Dispatches program

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