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In Haiti, Connie Watson and the army next door

When CBC's Connie Watson moved to Port-au-Prince, her neighbours lived in a makeshift tent city. Photo/Connie Watson

For several months this year, CBC correspondent Connie Watson was based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

But after many visits and hotel stays, this time she wanted to do it in a way that would give her a different perspective.   So she moved to a rustic neighbourhood away from the centre of the city.

Listen to Connie's dispatch now

But what is going on in the lot next door now?  Does Haiti have an army?

Hear about the surprise she got

The Dispatches September 22 program page, with Connie's photo gallery and pictures of her dog Ti Fi.

 Since Connie's piece ran on Dispatches, there are reports that Haiti's president indeed is asking for a new national army.


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