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Adrienne Arsenault on terrorism's future

Bloated U.S.security and the hungry Second Front

Members of the New York Police Department Counter Terrorism division test for radiation during a multi-agency "dirty bomb" exercise in New York, April, 2011. The United States spends more money on counter-terrorism than policing against all other crimes combined. (Photo: Reuters/Jessica Rinaldi)

In the United States these days, security trumps even the tattered economy.  It's the real American growth industry. 

Even though it's hugely expensive, it's hugely popular -- and politically risky to question, as the CBC's Adrienne Arsenault is discovering. She's preparing a series of TV stories on security a decade after 9/11.

Adrienne's traveled extensively in the U.S. -- and we reached her in typhoon-struck Manila in The Phlippines, where she's now looking at the forgotten "second front." 

Adrienne's talk with Rick

Adrienne's TV documentaries will air on The National, leading up to September 11.

The September 1/4 Dispatches program.  The Dispatches The View From Here blog.

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