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U.S. Ramadan Road Trip

The Jamia Mosque - Las Vegas (Photo/30Mosques.com)

Thirty days. Thirty mosques.  

This is Islam's holy month of Ramadan.  A year ago, two young American-born Muslims completed an eye-opening road trip, crossing the U.S. in a quest to worship at 30 mosques, in 30 states, in the 30 days of Ramadan. 

The previous year, in a kind of rehearsal, they broke their 30 daily fasts at 30 different mosques in New York City.  Both times, they reported their progress on Dispatches.

  Here's Aman Ali -- with what he learned about Islam in Oklahoma last August.

This week on Dispatches (Aug 4) -- more of the Ramadan adventures of Aman and his travelling companion Bassam Tariq from their 2010 20,000-kilometre Ramadan roadtrip through 30 American states. This year, by the way, they're doing the other 20 states.

  Here's a sampling of tales from their 2010 roadtrip, starting with Aman followed by Bassam Tariq

  Here's what happened to Aman and Bassam in the Deep South on the highways of Alabama last year.

  Their original Dispatches piece from New York (starts at 17:22 of the Sep 24, 2009 program)

You can find more in their online blog, 30mosques.com

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