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From Yunnan: golf in the new China

Chinese women are being lured to the links from their villages. Caddying can earn them a year's salary in just one month. Photo/Anthony Germain

China comes out swinging

In China, the game of golf is slowly staking a place alongside designer culture as the latest sign of status -- in an economy teeming with new millionaires seeking places to play.

And when it comes to cost and course maintenance, there's no such thing as over-the-top, thanks to cheap Chinese labour.

But manicured turf and emerald greens aren't just re-shaping the Chinese countryside. They're transforming the lives of thousands of peasants who've left the farm for the fairway jobs.

CBC Radio's China Correspondent, Anthony Germain, finds it's all so new China.

Listen to Anthony's dispatch now   The July 21 Dispatches program page

There are downsides to the golf boom...

 Anthony talks to Rick about that

If you want to see the kind of Chinese golf luxury Anthony's talking about, check out his narrated slideshow here.

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