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Jan 26 & 29: from Port au Prince, Haiti - Kingston, Jamaica - Butare, Rwanda - Nicaragua - Bas Me Limbe, Haiti

From our correspondents around the world... 

Mobile phones became lifelines for people in the weeks following the 2010 Haiti earthquake, and they would charge them at charging stations like this one in Port-au-Prince. The Red Cross' TERA text-messaging service,developed in the aftermath of the quake. (Photo/ REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz)

From the Haitian earthquake rises new thinking about technology that will save lives around the world.

A political paradox in Jamaica. The country's about to celebrate independence though most voters say it's failed them.

Something is killing the cane-cutters of central America: a mysterious new kind of kidney disease found nowhere else.

And from the archives; spying on free speech. How Rwanda tries to suppress the legacy of genocide.


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Jan 19 & 22: from Damascus - Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo - Kandahar - Ghana - Lombardi, Italy - Nigeria

From our correspondents around the world....


Bashar and father Hafez stare down on the entrance to the prison in Damascus where protesters have been jailed to scare them into silence.  Photo/Margaret Evans

Hear why the struggle for Syria has become "an equality of weakness" in our correspondent's dispatch from Damascus.

Putting the bore in Borneo. Tidal bore that is. A phenomenal view of a natural phenomenon.

Why was Canada in Kandahar? A new study says we didn't ask enough tough questions before embarking on an "ill-starred" mission.

If Ghana is democracy's beacon in Africa, it sometimes shines with faint light according to the filmmaker who's documented its presidential election.

And from the vaults: the fitful search to learn why Italian soccer players are coming down with Lou Gherig's Disease?

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Jan 12 & 14, 2012: from East Jerusalem - Dublin - India - Democratic Republic of Congo - Beijing

From our correspondents around the world!


In Gaza, Palestinians have no problem keeping past heroes alive. Not so for their bretheren in East Jerusalem, where Israel is in control and is trying to re-write Palestinian text books. Photo/GettyImages

Israel rewrites the history books. No Arafat. No Intifada. Palestinians say, no more.

How jazz found a foothold in India. A story of rhythm and racism.

We revisit Congo, where former rebels are getting away with murder.

Did an Irishman save Hitler's life? Disturbing documents surface in Dublin.

And a view from Beijing, where a foot in cold water is the poor man's recreation.



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Jan 5 & 8, 2012: from Amsterdam - Romania - Florence, Italy - Addis Ababa - Punta Allen, Mexico - Ukraine

From our correspondents around the world...

A tourist smokes marijuana at a "coffee shop" called de Dampkring (Atmosphere) in the center of Amsterdam. The Dutch government plans to introduce a system that would allow only card-holding members to buy the drug -- which could block foreign tourists from buying the drug at famed marijuana cafes (a.k.a. coffee shops). (AP Photo/Peter Dejong,)

Smoking, nope. The Netherlands considers a crackdown on notorious pot cafes.
Educating Roma.  A well-meant effort to address racism in Romania is going spectacularly wrong.
Lobsterman Charley's beaten back nature's attack on his livelihood in Mexico. But a man-made threat is proving a much greater hurdle.
A Canadian filmmaker documents the cultural challenges confronting black foster kids in Ukraine.
And renting the news, in Addis Ababa

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