Past Episodes: April 2010 Archives

April 29 & May 2: from Peterborough, England - Lyon - Geneva - Aroura - Port-au-Prince

Is Britain letting in every Tom, Dick and Harry? Immigration grates on the British voting public this election season.

France takes the cake. An insight into why the French view pastry as culture, and how its chefs become Kings.

A Palestinian preparing for peace. We profile the prime minister and his lonely promise of a Third Way.

So why is the new American hardline on Israel a challenge to Canada too? And, a correspondent yearns for a new Haiti, and hopes the earthquake has buried the old one.

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April 22 & 25: from Lusaka - Rhotak - Ni'lin - Delhi

No Strings Attached: a feature documentary on China's very different approach to exploiting the resources of Africa.

Then, a story of spies, scams and riflescopes reveals Iran sidestepping the international arms embargo.

How our reporter finds himself Guest of Honour at a banquet to which he wasn't even invited.

Another tale of torture and rendition. And it's not a western spy agency in the dock this time. It's India.

And, the Palestinians' latest weapon against the Israelis. They're shooting...pictures.

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April 15 & 18: from Harare - Italy - Jerusalem - NYC - Lukasa

Zimbabwe and the man with diamonds in his mouth: a rare glimpse of sketchy change in a beleaguered country.

Jews who fight Jews. The growing confrontation in the streets of Jerusalem between secular and Orthodox.

Lessons learned from chicken guts, from an author who found out by doing the jobs most Americans won't.

And we'll go to Africa Town, not in Africa but Italy, where illegal immigrants live in limbo, the state is absent, and the Mafia runs the show.

All that plus your letters, and finally; someone explains why truth is so hard to come by in politics.

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April 8 & 11: from Washington - Augusta, Georgia - Mojave desert - Tripoli - Phnom Penh

Everything's coming up nukes! Amid a flurry of global negotiations, we ask where the real progress will be made. 

Make-believe in the Mojave. The California desert stands in for Afghanistan, as young Canadian soldiers and journalists learn hard truths about each other. 

The soft hands and clay feet of Tiger Woods. Our correspondent observes the return of an incomplete athlete. 

Darfur. It's everybody's favorite war, according to the author of a new book that says the celebrity campaign to end it only makes things worse. 

All that, and our look back at Ghadaffi's lock on Libya, and the Great Game underway in Cambodia.

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April 1 & 4: from Port-au-Prince - Dublin - Busia - Rome

Haiti three months on. Time to rebuild. Our correspondent says the locals want a new kind of country to emerge from the rubble.

How Ireland's Celtic Tiger got to be one sick cat. A new book predicts the Irish economy will be a zombie for years to come.

Conflict poems, from troubled countries that have become a Canadian poet's muse.

In Kenya, they've re-invented the wheel, fabricating an innovative tricycle that delivers a lifeline to the disabled.

And soccer night at St.Agnes-Outside-The-Walls: a mother-daughter story of pure Italian sport.

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