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Italy's crisis endangers its guilds

Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti has introduced measures to crack open Italy's professional guilds, but has met with resistance. (Photo: Vincent Kessler/Reuters)

Afflicting the comfortable to bost productivity in Italy 

Italy wants to shore up its shaky finances and doesn't seem to mind who it offends.
Prime Minister Mario Monti's already introduced austerity measures, and now plans to re-set the country's economy, starting at the top. 

Mario Monti has the professional class in his sights.  In particular, the many guilds and associations that keep it comfortable and exclusive, but sap productivity, by keeping new blood out.

Not surprisingly, he's getting some resistance.  But Dispatches contributor Megan Williams found his efforts are resonating with a lot of people.

Megan's dispatch

The March 8 Dispatches program

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