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20 years ago, Bosnia war like bad dream

A woman mourns among 613 coffins of victims of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre, in July, 2011.  The newly-identified remains  were buried on the 16th anniversary of the massacre of at least 8,300 Bosnian Muslim men and boys who sought safety at the U.N.-protected enclave at Srebrenica, and were killed by members of the Republic of Serbia (Republika Srpska) army under the leadership of General Ratko Mladic. (Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Dispatches remembers...

April 1 is the 20th anniversary of the start of the Bosnian War. Rick MacInnes-Rae watched it coming, for CBC News. His recollections:

For me, the days leading up the formal start of the Bosnian War were a time of strange misdirection from the firestorm to come.

The political process was unravelling. Weapons were being broken out. I could see puffs of smoke as mortars spit their rounds into a distant neighbourhood near Mount Igman, a strategic vantage point the Serbs wouldn't relinquish for another three years.

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March 15 & 18 from - Torrimpietra, Italy - Butare, Rwanda - Beijing - Chicago - India

 From our correspondents around the world...


Rwandan journalist Didier Bikorimana out with a local fisherman in Butare, Rwanda who tells him people used to fish with anti-malaria mosquito nets on this lake, but they don't anymore. (Photo: Didier Bikorimana)

Millions of people die every year and no one knows exactly why. The Million Death Study aims to change all that.

Mosquito nets are for a) mosquitos or b) fishing. Both, it turns out, and their mis-use is a problem in Rwanda. 

First, Slow Food. Now, Slow Wine. Italy takes the beverage of Bacchus back to basics. 

Our China correspondent takes the sting out of Dr. Wang's miracle bees in a painful test of traditional medicine.

And, we'll revisit those scaly barbarians at the gate.  An update on  invasive Asian carp eating their way towards the Great Lakes.

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Italy's crisis endangers its guilds

Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti has introduced measures to crack open Italy's professional guilds, but has met with resistance. (Photo: Vincent Kessler/Reuters)

Afflicting the comfortable to bost productivity in Italy 

Italy wants to shore up its shaky finances and doesn't seem to mind who it offends.
Prime Minister Mario Monti's already introduced austerity measures, and now plans to re-set the country's economy, starting at the top. 

Mario Monti has the professional class in his sights.  In particular, the many guilds and associations that keep it comfortable and exclusive, but sap productivity, by keeping new blood out.

Not surprisingly, he's getting some resistance.  But Dispatches contributor Megan Williams found his efforts are resonating with a lot of people.

Megan's dispatch

The March 8 Dispatches program

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March 8 & 11, 2012 - from San Pedro, Mexico - Russia - Rome - China - Cape Town, South Africa

From our correspondents around the world....

Mauricio Fernandez Garza, mayor of the municipality of San Pedro, attends a ceremony to evaluate their police force in March, 2010. Fernandez Garza practises what some call vigilante justice, which he says keeps his city safe. (Photo: REUTERS/Tomas Bravo)

The Mexican mayor nobody messes with. Some who've tried to are dead. Vigilante justice maybe, but voters like it. 

Then, Putin's Kiss: the new documentary that reveals how the Kremlin uses the country's youth to police his political opponents.

Meanwhile, Italy is trying to shake up its economy by shaking up some of the most privileged people in the country. This could get interesting.

And, China's new literature of ambition.  Popular online novels preach self-promotion, at any cost.

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