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October 20, 2011: from - Blue Nile, Sudan - New York State - Democratic Republic of Congo - State College, Pennsylvania - Dublin

From our correspondents around the world...

He may be a wanted man in Congo, but Bosco Ntaganda doesn't bother to hide. Nobody has the will to arrest him. Photo/freeuganda.com

The sweet life of Bosco Ntaganda: wanted for war crimes but swanning through the salons of central Africa.

The fearsome voice of Antonov aircraft. Sudan bombs Blue Nile rebels and our reporter witnesses the "next" civil war, already underway.

From Ireland, a bogman's lament. How cutting peat became a matter of national sovereignty.

And the fracas over fracking. There's enough natural gas under the northern U.S. to supply safe energy for years to come. But how safe is the means of extracting it? It's a political fight now, in upstate New York.

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