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Guca, Serbia: brass bands and nationalism

Trubaci blast their horns while onlookers take it all in, in Guca, Serbia (photo/Lisa Hale)

The View from Here:  Guca, Serbia

Brass bands and the Balkans have a long history -- and Guca, Serbia hosts a global gathering of horn players every summer. Pre-competition performances are already underway at this year's Guca Madness 

Canadian journalist Lisa Hale was there last year and found good times and good beer were top of the agenda -- though some folks were keen to hijack it when it came time to strike up the band.

 Lisa's View from Guca       The June 16 Dispatches program page    


Nothing but mammals 

CBC correspondent, Connie Watson had a dodgy musical voyage of discovery herself, in the Balkans. After hearing her tale you may never think of the Discovery Channel in quite the same way again.

 Connie recounts the story to Rick    The June 23 Dispatches program page


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