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June 30 & July 3: from Israel - Colombia - Berlin - Democratic Republic of Congo - Agra, India

U.S. President Richard Nixon and Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir (with Henry Kissinger) agreed in 1969 that Israel would adopt a policy of "ambiguity" about whether it had nukes. (Photo/Nixon Library) 

Israel has nukes, but says little about them, says a controversial Israeli author, here to reveal what his government won't.  

The story of Kidnap Radio in Colombia, where so many people are held hostage, there's a program just for their families, and our correspondent's father was one of them. 

A cultural quandry in Germany, where life threatens to limitate art in an East Berlin landmark.   

Then, the best-laid plans can't prevent our our correspondent getting his seat pinched on an Indian passenger train. 

And, the message in the music of the Congo's Clever Boys.

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Guca, Serbia: brass bands and nationalism

Trubaci blast their horns while onlookers take it all in, in Guca, Serbia (photo/Lisa Hale)

The View from Here:  Guca, Serbia

Brass bands and the Balkans have a long history -- and Guca, Serbia hosts a global gathering of horn players every summer. Pre-competition performances are already underway at this year's Guca Madness 

Canadian journalist Lisa Hale was there last year and found good times and good beer were top of the agenda -- though some folks were keen to hijack it when it came time to strike up the band.

 Lisa's View from Guca       The June 16 Dispatches program page    


Nothing but mammals 

CBC correspondent, Connie Watson had a dodgy musical voyage of discovery herself, in the Balkans. After hearing her tale you may never think of the Discovery Channel in quite the same way again.

 Connie recounts the story to Rick    The June 23 Dispatches program page


June 23 & 26: from Port-au-Prince, Haiti - El Paso, Texas - the Balkans - Dublin, Ireland - Oakland, California

Mike Landry helps carry a former patient to her home. But is it her new "prison"? Photo/Fiona Stephenson

A doctor's lament for the injured of Haiti's earthquake; "By saving them, did we condemn them to suffer?" 

How did the U.S. war on terror miss the man who tried to kill Castro. Just clumsy? Or just convenient?

Why hundreds of sham marriages are taking place in Ireland and there's nothing police can do about it.

How an American school menu got "nuggetized" and Oakland, California became a "food desert."

And the old Discovery Channel come-on.  

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June 16 & 19: from Gudvangen, Norway - India - Dakar, Senegal - the Balkans - Guca, Serbia

Enok Alfson (facing camera) and Hordtur Bardtal locked in a shoulder grip in the Norwegian sport of Glima. Photo/Nacha Raman.

The angry mission of Sampat Pal, confronting a culture that abuses women in India.

In Senegal, they say you gotta "eat the chilis before you get the honey."  And female cabbies eat a lot of chilis.

A small matter of the missing: a new book documents the quest to identify the Balkans' war dead with DNA.

Then, the sweet sound of celebration and a sour note of nationalism as brass bands gather in Serbia. 

And, going berserk with the new Vikings of Norway.

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June 2 & 5: from Lima, Peru - Den Bosch, The Netherlands - Syria - Rondonia, Brazil - Lombardy, Italy

Peruvians pick a new president this week.  One critic says the "choice is between cancer or AIDS".  Photo/AP

Cyber-space is the new East-West war zone. So why is Canada arming both sides?

Peru voters choose between two devils they know.

In Brazil, a dedicated team must find the last survivor of a remote Indian tribe before his enemies do.

Why are Italian soccer players getting Lou Gherig's Disease?  And why is it so hard to find out?

And, should you think of insects as land shrimp, would it be easier to eat them?  The case for consuming bugs.

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