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April 14 & 17: from Tokyo - Montreal - London - Kampala, Uganda - Berlin - North Korea

This week, correspondent Laura Lynch takes us on the canvas -- and on the board -- for a few rounds of chessboxing. (photo/Reuters)

Berlin's anti-Nazi Cleaning Lady, scrubbing hatred from public places no matter who she offends.

Japan's widening woes.  It's the farmers' turn to scramble from the shadow of the nuclear plant.

They call it chessboxing and our correspondent is ringside as a merry cult of combatants battle for self-control on the canvas and the board.

With cholera wracking Haiti, a Canadian author warns it's poised to become the quintessential disease of our time.

In South Korea they're called "citizen journalists." North Korea calls them spies, but they're sourcing new stories from the most secretive country on earth. 

And, if you're looking for the Gadhafi mosque, it's over on Gadhafi Road. But what's it doing in Uganda? 

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