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March 31 & April 3: from Grand Forks, North Dakota - Ukraine - Amman, Jordan - Bunya, Democratic Republic of Congo - Manila, Philippines

A U.S. Predator-B unmanned drone like the one now deployed by the Americans to look across the Canadian border. Photo/Reuters

Powered by fear: The U.S. flies its eyes-in-the-skies drones above the Canadian border.

Justice delayed in the Philippines, where someone's killing the witnesses while a mass murder case stalls. 

Mother to another's brothers: A new Canadian film confronts the special perils facing black foster kids in Ukraine. 

Risk Radio: The CBC's correspondent in the Democratic Republic of Congo on the risk of reporting war crimes on local radio.

And, crossing Jordan: Civil unrest sends another Arab King scrambling. His daddy was a survivor. Is King Abdullah his father's son? .

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March 24 - 27, 2011 from: Noda and Sendai, Japan - Chernobyl - Tunis - Benghazi, Libya - Berlin

People ride bicycles pasrt debris of buildings wrecked by the March 11th earthquake and tsunami in Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture, northeastern Japan. REUTERS/Yegor Trubnikov

Scenes from a tsunami It's already changing Japan forever.

With the weakness of nuclear plants exposed, we'll hear again from our reporter in Chernobyl.

We have a correspondent in Libya with the new rebel recruits. 

 And another in post-revolution Tunisia, where everyone's complaining. But now someone's listening.

Our correspondent just back from Japan gets his radiation tests.

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All that plus your letters, Rick's weird March break, and some deeply different Deep Purple.

 (Right) A defector from Gadhafi's forces trains young rebel recruits for the mission to overthrow the tyrant. Phot/Bonnie Allen


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