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January 27 & 30: from Yunnan Province, China - Pennsylvania - Jerusalem - Glasgow - Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo

Spring City Golf & Lake Resort on the island of Hainan: China is becoming a golf mecca for Asia. Photo/Anthony Germain

China's growing affluence is spoiling a lot of good walks, as golf finds a following among the nouveau riche.

Why the world's leading Nazi hunter says Canada's doing a lousy job.

It's justice delayed for women in the DRC.  A look at the plight of the wartime victims of rape in Congo.

Meet the Indiana Jones of lost languages, scouring the globe to save endangered tongues.


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Spain - no more matadors on TV here


Spain's state broadcaster, TVE, has announced it will no longer broadcast live bullfights. The broadcaster's new style guide states that "TVE will not show bullfights because of the time they take place, which mostly coincides with the time of day when there is special protection for children."

In other words, children should not be exposed to the violence they'd see in a bullfight.

The move has provoked outrage among politicians, fans, and commentators who argue bullfighting is part of Spain's national culture.

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