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November 25 & 28: from Afghanistan - Bosnia - Ghana - Zimbabwe - Seoul, South Korea - Manila, the Philippines

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Afghan insurgents from "Taliban: Behind the Masks"

Taping the Taliban. A Norwegian filmmaker is a rare witness to their ambushes and ambitions - and gets kidnapped to boot.  

Can animal rights improve human rights? We'll hear why some in Bosnia hope so.

When to kick and when to run.  A martial arts expert teaches kids in the Philippines to defend themselves from sex traffickers.

Inside the witch camps of Ghana.  A Canadian author's time among  women exiled more for spite than for spells. 

Kimchi quandry: Time to make it in South Korea is running out and so is the cabbage.

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November 4 & 7, 2010: from Berlin - Zambia - Mae Sot, Thailand - Hainan province, China - Guca, Serbia

A Norwegian Elvis impersonator tries to lighten the mood for Burmese refugees in a camp on the Thai border.

No joke: What's an Elvis impersonator have in common with this weekend's election in Burma? Both are pretending to be something they're not.

Japan vs. China. Why rare earth, wind and fiery rhetoric have them in a diplomatic throwdown.

Serbian discord: The sweet sound of celebration sours as nationalism invades a gathering of brass bands in Serbia.

Charity got your goat?   They say you'll help a villager in some far away place if you buy him or her one.  A Canadian went to Zambia to see for himself.

Art for art's sake? Berlin's grungy art house called Tacheles is on prime real estate. The tourist landmark may be too valuable to keep.

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