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August 12 & 15: from New York - Chernobyl - Washington, D.C - Monrovia - Uganda

The Masjid El-Ber in Queens is home to a mostly Egyptian, Bengali, Caribbean and Moroccan congregation. (Photo/Aman Ali)

The Ramadan Blogs. Two American-raised Muslims have their eyes opened when they attend a different New York mosque, every day for the month of Ramadan, and see the world. 

Chernobyl smoulders and Ukrainians still get burned, 24 years after the world's worst nuclear accident.

Libel Tourism. It's so easy to sue in parts of Europe that some publications are re-considering their future on the internet.

The Teeth May Smile But The Heart Does Not Forget. An author revisits the crimes of Idi Amin that Ugandans have agreed to ignore.

On the chalkboard. How Liberians get their news the old-fashioned way.

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