Europe: June 2010 Archives

June 24 & 27: from Selaya, India - Kandahar - San Giuseppe Jaco, Italy - Antarctica - Shanghai - Rhotak, India

The new prisoners of piracy. Monsoon season is the only safe haven for small-boat sailors on the Indian Ocean.

underwater.jpgPaul Nicklen's polar obsession. He wanted to save the leopard seal's Arctic environment. Then it took his head in its jaws.

Afghan interpreters are being offered a fast-track into Canada. So why the skepticism about Ottawa's intentions?

Pizzo and the murdering Pig. Reporting on the Sicilian Mafia has chilling moments for our correspondent.

And, China wants more folks to drink from the double-happiness cup, because world's most populous nation needs more people.

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June 17 & 20: from Los Angeles - Kabul - Sochi, Russia - Port-au-Prince - Jerusalem

The long, luminous lives of Miss Ware and Miss Williams, who've spent decades teaching kids the way out of poverty.

Most press clubs are more about single malts than multiple dangers. We'll hear why Afghanistan's is so different.

Olympic security; Canada spent millions on the last winter games. We've got insights into what the next winter games could be like, with a war zone on the border.

From the wreckage of Haiti, a correspondent's-eye view from a pocket of undamaged optimism amid the ruins.

And Jews fighting Jews in the streets of Jerusalem.

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June 3 & 6: from Reykjavik - Nairobi - East Jerusalem - Miami - Philadelphia

(Photo/Nathan L. Collett)

They call themselves the "bestest of the best" and they just got themselves elected in Iceland. Why did a party promoting polar bears get so many votes?

Tribal violence is not entirely over in Kenya, and already they've made a movie about it, featuring the survivors as the actors.

Then, how music is breaching the political divide between the United States and Cuba, and causing a new divide within the Cuban community.

Plus: Nineteen years ago, a secret airlift evacuated Ethiopian Jews to Israel, but there are reasons some still don't feel at home.

And, Mohamed's Ghost. A new book that says Muslims and their mosques are fading from the American landscape.

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