Europe: May 2010 Archives

May 20 & 26: from Juarez - Sarajevo - Bogota - Lima

Soldiers stand guard at a crime scene where the crashed car of a U.S. Consulate employee sits in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. (Associated Press)

Mexico's widening drug war. A CBC/NPR investigation points to collaboration between its biggest cartel, and elements of the Mexican army.

Who owns the thousands of priceless historical artifacts from Peru's Machu Picchu currently residing at Yale? Here's a hint. It's not Peru.

And, new hope in the place they call The Heart of the World. How the Indians of Colombia recovered their mystic mountain.

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May 6 & 9: from Athens - Chernobyl - Johannesburg - Viengxay

Greece gets a bailout but will Greeks pay their dues? And their overdue taxes?

Why Chernobyl still smoulders, and Ukrainians still get burned, 24 years after the world's worst nuclear accident.

South Africa's ruling party has a new bad boy, and this time it's not the president, but it is his problem.

A Nicaraguan land play. The developers rush in. The developers rush out. A Canadian filmmaker explains what went so very wrong.

And, Laos spills its secrets from the Vietnam era. The war that just keeps on going, no matter whose side you were on.

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