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April 26 & 29, 2012: from Baku, Azerbaijan - Mumbai, India - Manila, the Philippines - Copenhagen, Denmark - Shanghai, China

From our correspondents around the world...


Danish film director Mads Brugger in a scene from The Ambassador. He posed as a diplomat and arranged to smuggle diamonds from Africa.  Here he takes a boat ride with his new assistants in the Central African Republic. (Photo/The Ambassador)

A journalist in Azerbaijan discovers Big Brother isn't just watching her. He's filming her.

Stop with the honking! The quest for quiet in one of India's noisiest cities.

A Danish filmmaker turns diamond-smuggling diplomat. Mads Brugger sets up a sting in central Africa.

And, the rebellious new farmers of China. Young. Well-educated. And getting no respect.

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Turkish minorities tread carefully in opening doors to multi-culturalism

People in Instanbul enjoy the newly-revived Baklahorani Carnival. What was once a pagan Christian rite, has morphed into one of the few celebrations of Turkey's multi-cultural past and present. Dominant Turkish nationalism has made its organizers tread with caution. (Photo/Meghan MacIver)

Dancing to the tune of reconciliation

With a history of conflict dating back more than 600 years, Greeks and Turks are not often found at the same party. As recently as the 90s, they sent warships into the Aegean in a sovereignty dispute over a tiny rump of rock cherished only by goats. And don't even get them started on Cyprus.

But now it seems, times are changing, ever so slightly.

Canadian journalist Meghan MacIver has found some Greeks and Turks dancing to the same tune at an unusual, and very historic party in Istanbul.

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