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Help for kids of India sex workers

Kalaivani was forced into sex work after her husband died and she had a family to support. Now she counsels women in Chennai's sex trade, and is proud that her two children have become educated professionals. (Photo: Priya Sankaran)

The lure of stardom has been the downfall of more than a few young women drawn from poor villages to the  lights of "Kollywood" -- the film industry in Chennai, the city once known as Madras.  The sex trade flourishes, and exploits them and thousands of mothers left by their husbands.
 The CBC's Priya Sankaran found a program here that is helping the chidren of sex workers break class, gender and caste barriers to at least get an education, in a secret location..

Listen to Priya's dispatch  

The March 22 Dispatches program

(There are no photos of the children or their teacher, to protect them all)

Baby was a sex worker for years. She describes all of the bribes they have to pay each night they work.(Photo: Priya Sankaran)

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