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November 24 & 27, 2011: from Dhaka, Bangladesh - Santa, Peru - Jonestown, Guyana - Equatorial Guinea - Mexico City

From our correspondents around the world...

Mourners and coffins at the procession for a mass funeral in rural Peru. Mass graves were recently discovered 19 years after death squads killed tens of thousands in that country. (Photo/Mattia Cabitza)

Justice delayed or justice denied? A controversial war crimes tribunal begins in Bangladesh. 

In Peru, requiem for a ragged history as new graves are uncovered from the long civil war. 

And, if there are lessons in tragedy, should the site of the Jonestown Massacre be made into a tourist attraction? The push is on to do just that.  

Then, a dictatorship in Africa wants to change its image but will Equatorial Guinea also change its ways? 

And from Mexico, the saint comes marching in.

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November 10 & 13, 2011: from Les Cayes, Haiti - Detroit, Michigan - Rome - San Diego

Firefighters work to put out a warehouse fire in Detroit on October 30th, 2011, one they've labelled "suspicious." (Photo/Martine August)

Haitian justice on trial as prison guards stand accused of a jailhouse massacre. 

Detroit's better angels pull it through the fires of Devil's Night but need a miracle to end the decline at its core.   

Sex, murder and the fungus trade. Nepal's got a problem like you won't believe. 

The U.S. Navy is going green, one ship at a time, because saving energy is saving lives.

Ben Hur returns to Rome, but does a blockbuster film make for blockbuster theatre? 

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