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June 30 & July 3: from Israel - Colombia - Berlin - Democratic Republic of Congo - Agra, India

U.S. President Richard Nixon and Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir (with Henry Kissinger) agreed in 1969 that Israel would adopt a policy of "ambiguity" about whether it had nukes. (Photo/Nixon Library) 

Israel has nukes, but says little about them, says a controversial Israeli author, here to reveal what his government won't.  

The story of Kidnap Radio in Colombia, where so many people are held hostage, there's a program just for their families, and our correspondent's father was one of them. 

A cultural quandry in Germany, where life threatens to limitate art in an East Berlin landmark.   

Then, the best-laid plans can't prevent our our correspondent getting his seat pinched on an Indian passenger train. 

And, the message in the music of the Congo's Clever Boys.

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June 16 & 19: from Gudvangen, Norway - India - Dakar, Senegal - the Balkans - Guca, Serbia

Enok Alfson (facing camera) and Hordtur Bardtal locked in a shoulder grip in the Norwegian sport of Glima. Photo/Nacha Raman.

The angry mission of Sampat Pal, confronting a culture that abuses women in India.

In Senegal, they say you gotta "eat the chilis before you get the honey."  And female cabbies eat a lot of chilis.

A small matter of the missing: a new book documents the quest to identify the Balkans' war dead with DNA.

Then, the sweet sound of celebration and a sour note of nationalism as brass bands gather in Serbia. 

And, going berserk with the new Vikings of Norway.

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June 9 & 12: from Cairo - Venezuela - Port-au-Prince, Haiti - Jerusalem - India

Germaine Villeceant Excellente stands in front of her house, which she says was burned by peasants in a dispute over land rights. Photo/Connie Watson

In India, a midnight wedding, a five-year-old bride. Why child marriage persists.

Egypt's unfinished revolution. How six months have soured the public mood. 

In Venezuela, the state takeover of private land provides some surprises.

Jerusalem's reach: our departing Middle East correspondent reflects on the never-ending story.

Your land or your life: the murderous row over property rights in Haiti.

And, the gecko effect. Our little program triggers weird science.

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Hainan Island, China...surfer girl catches waves here

Darci Liu, China's Surfer Girl, on Hainan Island (photo/Danielle Nerman)

Dispatches is always banging on about the changes emerging from the superheated economy of China. But sometimes even we're surprised at the form it takes.

Surfing for example. Who knew?

It isn't exactly "everybody's learning how."  But there's at least one standout on the breakers.

Canadian journalist Danielle Nerman tracks down China's Surfer Girl