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May 26 & 29: from Hainan Island, China - San Diego - Malaysian Borneo - French Mayotte Island - Dublin

The USS Makin Island is the hybrid "Prius" of aircraft carriers. It saved $2-million in fuel on its first mission.  Photo/US Navy

The American military goes green, saving gas and soldiers' lives.

Then, the boat people you don't hear about, fleeing by the thousands across the Indian Ocean.

Did an Irishman save the life of young Adolf Hitler?  Disturbing new documents have come to light in Dublin. 

Skulls on the ceiling and big-screen TV: a tradition in transition in Malaysian Borneo.

And, another cultural change arrives in China.  On a surfboard.

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May 12 - 15: from Liberia - Berlin - Nigeria - Sarajevo, Bosnia - Cheonan, South Korea - Beijing

People fleeing chaos in Ivory Coast are flooding refugee centres like this one in nearby Liberia.  Photo/Bonnie Allen

A story of the human spirit under pressure in Liberia.  The tale of a farmer and the want of some seed.

Bosnia on the boil. With a perfect storm of looming ethnic conflicts, we ask if it's a viable post-war country or just a bunch of bickering cantons?

Sampling death: a slice of life from the Coffin Academy, where South Koreans go to ward off suicide. 

From Germany, pressure to rename streets that honor some of the worst offenders from its colonial past.

Blues for the reds: words and music from the journalist who stumbled into stardom playing the blues in China.  And the fury and the music of Nigeria's Seun Kuti, the son of a legend with a rebel pedigree.

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South India calling...on the road with phones

Jane French of Toronto shares this dispatch:

     Greeting Rick and the Dispatches team:

Inspired by Rick's encouraging words to listeners to share our stories inspired by experiences in other countries, I respectfully submit the following personal essay based on a recent trip to India and the privilege of staying with our family (by marriage) in Tamil Nadu. 

India calling

It was twenty years since our first visit to India and everyone wanted to know what was the biggest change? 

Western-style toilets are more popular than two decades ago.  The price of onions is way up.  And auto rickshaws, trucks, motorbikes, buses and bullock carts now wrestle for space with SUVs and high-end imported cars.  (continues...)



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May 5 & 8 from: Glasgow - Florence - Uljanovsk, Russia - Butare, Rwanda - Delhi

Newspaper seller in Pakistan. With Bin Laden gone, where will al-Qaeda surge next? Photo/Reuters

al-Qaeda after bin Laden. An expert says it's certainly on the run from old hideouts, but on the rise in new places.

From Italy, the quest for the crypt containing the Mona Lisa smile.

In Scotland, the return of vicious sectarian soccer songs brings police on pitch.

Rwanda resorts to spies and stifling free speech to downplay the legacy of genocide.

And, a new documentary film on a  stubborn Russian journalist who refuses to "bootlick" the state that wants rid of him.

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