Asia: January 2011 Archives

January 27 & 30: from Yunnan Province, China - Pennsylvania - Jerusalem - Glasgow - Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo

Spring City Golf & Lake Resort on the island of Hainan: China is becoming a golf mecca for Asia. Photo/Anthony Germain

China's growing affluence is spoiling a lot of good walks, as golf finds a following among the nouveau riche.

Why the world's leading Nazi hunter says Canada's doing a lousy job.

It's justice delayed for women in the DRC.  A look at the plight of the wartime victims of rape in Congo.

Meet the Indiana Jones of lost languages, scouring the globe to save endangered tongues.


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January 20 & 23: from Haiti - Dubai - Beijing - New Delhi - Rajasthan, India

A branch of Fonkoze, Hait's largest microcredit bank (photo/Amber Hildebrandt/CBC)

Fixing coffee or fixing cars: Given the choice, Maryam Darwish reached for a wrench and loosened a social barrier in the United Arab Emirates. 

From Haiti, the story of a remarkable bank that provides literacy along with its loans.

Negotiating the Twilight Zone: a Canadian contends with a legal system that's ensnared her husband in China.

And, how to make something out of nothing.  The pros and cons of India's can-do work ethic.

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January 13 & 16: from Cuba - Haiti - Ulvohamm, Sweden - India - Ethiopia - Tunisia

Fidel Castro and wanted plane bomber Luis Posada Carriles, now on trial in Texas. Photo/Jose Goitia - AP

Touchy terror trial: How did the U.S. war on terror miss the man who tried to kill Castro. Just clumsy? Or just convenient?

Anguish in the time of cholera: A medical student's powerful memoir of the cholera wards of Haiti.

Ehtiopian seeds of change: farmers return to old ways and old seeds, because the new ones are failing.

Tales of torture and rendition. But this time, it's India.

Hold your nose!  What stinky fish says about the Swedish national identity. And why it faces a ban.

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January 6 & 9: from Juba, Sudan - Brunei - Diego Garcia - Serra da Guia, Brazil - Rohtak, India

Brazilian traditional healer Dona Jesefa.

The View from Southern Sudan heading into a referendum that's expected to create a new country.

Modern medicine is discovering there's much to learn from traditional healers in Brazil.

New information about the Anglo-American campaign to expel residents from their island home in the Indian Ocean.

And to Brunei, where a strange snack is making a comeback. It's a gummy paste with a yummy taste, if you can get past the look of it.

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