Asia: June 2010 Archives

June 24 & 27: from Selaya, India - Kandahar - San Giuseppe Jaco, Italy - Antarctica - Shanghai - Rhotak, India

The new prisoners of piracy. Monsoon season is the only safe haven for small-boat sailors on the Indian Ocean.

underwater.jpgPaul Nicklen's polar obsession. He wanted to save the leopard seal's Arctic environment. Then it took his head in its jaws.

Afghan interpreters are being offered a fast-track into Canada. So why the skepticism about Ottawa's intentions?

Pizzo and the murdering Pig. Reporting on the Sicilian Mafia has chilling moments for our correspondent.

And, China wants more folks to drink from the double-happiness cup, because world's most populous nation needs more people.

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June 10 & 13: from Johannesburg - Zwedru - Assam - Mumbai - New Orleans

Even hot dogs are special in the Latin Quarter. (Photo/Maureen Brosnahan)

Footy fans descend on South Africa -- as it renames the roads. Maps are out-of-date, and white folks' noses are out-of-joint.

Death by childbirth. Canada's quest to improve maternal health care in a world where pregnant women are rushed to hosital in handcarts.

From New Orleans, battered shrimp and other stories of survival by seafood.

And the U.S. in Afghanistan. Why body counts take a backseat to doing deals with the enemy.

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