Asia: May 2010 Archives

May 27 & 30: from Harare - Kabul - New York - Nanjing

Get rich or die trying," says the man in Zimbabwe with illegal diamonds to sell. Our correspondent hears there's more death to go 'round than dollars.

What's wrong with Hamid Karzai, and can the Afghan president be fixed? Some answers from a soldier and a former diplomat who've seen his work up close.

For cocaine possession Amir Amma went away for 25-to-life, a sentence more fit for a murderer. But times are changing in New York, and so is he.

And, the suicide-catcher of Nanjing. Why does a man devote his life to stopping people trying to end theirs? Maybe he's saving his own.

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May 6 & 9: from Athens - Chernobyl - Johannesburg - Viengxay

Greece gets a bailout but will Greeks pay their dues? And their overdue taxes?

Why Chernobyl still smoulders, and Ukrainians still get burned, 24 years after the world's worst nuclear accident.

South Africa's ruling party has a new bad boy, and this time it's not the president, but it is his problem.

A Nicaraguan land play. The developers rush in. The developers rush out. A Canadian filmmaker explains what went so very wrong.

And, Laos spills its secrets from the Vietnam era. The war that just keeps on going, no matter whose side you were on.

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