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May 26 & 29: from Hainan Island, China - San Diego - Malaysian Borneo - French Mayotte Island - Dublin

The USS Makin Island is the hybrid "Prius" of aircraft carriers. It saved $2-million in fuel on its first mission.  Photo/US Navy

The American military goes green, saving gas and soldiers' lives.

Then, the boat people you don't hear about, fleeing by the thousands across the Indian Ocean.

Did an Irishman save the life of young Adolf Hitler?  Disturbing new documents have come to light in Dublin. 

Skulls on the ceiling and big-screen TV: a tradition in transition in Malaysian Borneo.

And, another cultural change arrives in China.  On a surfboard.

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War brides return to Britain on QM2

British Consul-General Sir Alan Collins meets with Second World War British war brides and families travelling to the UK aboard Cunard's Queen Mary 2,


65 years after almost 50,000 British war brides came to Canada -- some are going back on a Queen Mary 2 cruise that lands this week.

CBC's David Common saw them off from New York -- and heard their memories of the trip over, on the original Queen Mary.  

David's on-board dispatch