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Plaza del Mayo... marching, remembering

Phyllis Webster of Toronto heard Alison Crawford's October 10 documentary about Antonio and Rosa -- reuniting to testify against the people who tortured them and repeatedly raped Rosa for months, in a secret Argentina detention centre in 1976.

I am in Argentina as a volunteer teacher for a few months.  This afternoon, I went to the Plaza de Mayo to watch las  abuelas ( the grandmothers) and others who had lost family members during the Dirty War walk  slowly around the plaza for 20 minutes. It was very hot and very emotional as hundreds of us watched respectfully, occasionally applauding as they marched.  Students from the University set up in honour of those who had lost family members joined them also.

I returned to listen to Dispatches, a program I have loved over the years, on CBC Radio Victoria on my computer and heard Rosa and Antonio's story and I wept again.

It has been a day to remember two things:how inhumane we can be to our fellow beings and, on the other hand, how caring we can be as demonstrated by Rosa and Antonio.  Thirdly, it reminds me that we all have to be vigilant about human rights... in Argentina, in Canada and in all the countries of the world.

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