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Havana...sticking like crazy glue here

Dispatches aired an interview recently with Patrick Symmes, about the month he spent trying to live off the rations and income of a typical Cuban. He spoke about shortages, and about bartering with a neighbour, or even stealing from the government, to get a little extra of this or that.

It's an experience that echoes in a recent blog post by Yoani Sánchez, one of Cuba's best-known bloggers and a vocal critic of the Castro government.

We first heard about Yoani last year in a  Dispatches piece by Sheena Rossiter, on how Cuba's bloggers get around the fact that they are banned from using the internet. People get connected, so to speak, when only those with connections are supposed to get connections.  

Now Yoani's writing about Crazy Glue...and why sticking everything back together is par for the course:

People are shouting from balcony to balcony and at first I think they're insulting each other, but that's not it. The woman from the building on the corner tells another woman that they have Crazy Glue at the little shop at Boyeros and Tulipán. Both are wide-eyed, gesticulating, "I thought it was gone forever," "There's been none anywhere," they say. I chuckled while looking at the tip of my shoe, greatly in need of this instant fixative that the neighbors are announcing as if the ration stores had gotten a delivery of beef. If I get there in time to get a tube of the magic glue, I could fix the computer key that's been flying off, and also the doorbell, which you can barely hear when someone rings it.

More from Yoani on the pivotal role of Crazy Glue, and many more stories, on her Generation Y blog

There's a discussion of Cuba's food "shortages" in our listener letters at Your Dispatches 



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