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May 10 & 13, 2012: from Damascus, Syria - Munich, Germany - Sao Paolo, Brazil - Alabama - Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Port-au-Prince, Haiti

From our correspondents around the world...


Alabama has America's toughest laws aimed at undocumented immigrants. It makes the lives of Hispanics so hard they are "self deporting", even if they are not illegal. The approach has also had an impact on Alabama citizens, many of whom have been drawn into the state's war on undocumented immigrants. (AP Photo/John Amis)

The shifting conflict in Syria. From stand-and-fight to guerilla warfare and a cry for outside help.

The German locomotive hopes to pull Europe's flailing economies out of trouble. But there's a ghost in that machine.

In Brazil, David Rocha makes garbage instruments. Or rather, instruments from garbage. That's why they sound so good.

Illegal immigrant, deport thyself. How an experiment in immigration went wrong in Alabama.

Hotels aren't in the charity business, so why would the Red Cross want into the hotel business, in Haiti?

And from the Netherlands, a cafe where you don't pay for the food. We take repast in a restaurant for these recessionary times.

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