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Dispatches, our soundtrack edition: we sing you the world!

As a holiday special, Dispatches raided the program vaults for the music, songs and sounds collected from around the world for our shows. 

Tunes created from honking horns?  Got 'em!

What's happening in Sheng and Marjinal music?  Check! 

Songs favoured by randy taxi drivers about fornicating wildlife?  You know we got that one!   

And there's a lot more.  We've also got the stories behind them from the correspondents, contributors and even the listeners who brought them to us.  

They're all in our three-part holiday special called Soundtracks of Dispatches 

(A two-part edition of this Soundtrack Edition will be broadcast 5-6:00 pm on January 3 on CBC Radio One.)

Part 1 features sounds and stories from Rick's field archives, the afore-mentioned "wild" life song, a touching tsunami dispatch from a listener, a tribute to a Colombian music legend, a Czech hymn to beer hops, an African witchdoctor with a taste for Barry White, and Austrian monks chantin' and rockin' like it's 999!

Listen to Part 1 now

Part 2 features the CBC's Neil Macdonald stuck in a nazi time warp, a hopping recording from a presidential contender in Haiti, a Tina tune turned Icelandic anthem, Egyptian  jazz stylings on the rango, songs for peace from residents of Congo, a citizen's dispatch on Rumours of Glory, and our own Margaret Evans from the streets of grieving Spain. 

Listen to Part 2 now

Part 3 features the most requested song in the history of Dispatches!  Hint, it's at the end.  Along with it, music from the waves of the Adriatic and the taxi cars of Ghana.  We hit the streets of Havana with Cuba's punk pundit of politics, and go to the bridges of Jakarta where street kids have their own punk poets laureate.  Then it's songs you might not understand but will love in Africaans and sheng.   Enjoy!

Listen to Part 3 now

 Sorry, we can't podcast the Soundtracks edition due to copyright regulations.  

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