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More Than One Way Home Part 1: Native spirituality

Judy Goodsky, mediator and teacher and her healing and teaching tools, with drum in foreground. (Madonna Hamel/CBC)
More Than One Way Home is a new series on CBC Radio in Kelowna that takes a look at different faiths and spiritual practices in the Okanagan, specifically Kelowna.

Over the next couple of months Daybreak contributer Madonna Hamel will be taking us to church. We'll also explore other places of worship and reflection to find out what it means to be a 'believer' these days.

In the first of the series, we begin at the beginning, with a look at Native sprituality.

The piece features drumming from the open drumming session held at Kelowna's Metis Society every last Tuesday of the month. You'll hear drumming from Metis Curtis Smith, who discovered the drums while in prison and went on to help 'drum others back from the brink' of suicide and despair.

As well, Native mediator and teacher Judy Goodsky talks about the Medicine Wheel and the healing wisdom and medicine offered to us by all living beings.
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In that piece, Native teacher Judy Goodsky talks about the native belief that all animate beings "have a gift...and it's up to us to find ours."

In our next episode of More Than One Way Home, airing May 16th, Reverend Karen Medland of the United Church takes up the notion of personal gifts and co-creation, as does theologian Marcus Borg, speaking in Kelowna as part of the United Church's guest lecturer series.