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More Than One Way Home Part 4: Free Prayer

Bruce Muirhead stands outside his motor home on the side of Dehart Road in Kelowna's Mission neighbourhood. He says a dream compelled him to sit and wait here, offering free prayer. (Contributed by: Bruce Muirhead)

With Part 4 of "More Than One Way Home," Daybreak contributor Madonna Hamel returns with her series on faith and spirituality in the Okanagan.

With her segment entitled Free Prayer, she sits down with Bruce Muirhead -- out in front of his motor home along Dehart Road, in Kelowna's Mission neighbourhood.

After his wife died in 2006, Bruce sold everything and hit the road until one day last summer.

That's when Bruce had a dream that instructed him to drive his motor home to Kelowna, put out a sign that reads "Free Prayer," then sit -- and wait.

Bruce says he asked his friends for guidance and when one of them revealed he'd had the same dream, Bruce figured that was confirmation enough.

Most days Bruce can be seen sitting in one of his lawn chairs, beside his Free Prayer sign, on Dehart between Gordon and Lakeshore Road. That's where Madonna Hamel found him last week.
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