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More Than One Way Home Part 3: Mediums, witches and shamen

Medium Witch Shaman 6.jpg
(left to right) Victoria Willard, Diane Morrison and Lois Gueret at The Threads That Bind Us bookstore in Vernon, B.C. (Madonna Hamel/CBC)
"So a medium, a witch and a shaman walk into a church..."

It's a new-age take on an old joke. But nobody is the butt of the punch-line, because for the three women in the third of Madonna Hamel's faith series, "'we're all in this together."

In this edition of our series More Than One Way Home, we check out that box marked "other" on Census Canada's religion survey.

The episode looks at the ways people are incorporating elements of alternative spiritual and healing practices into their lives.

Madonna spoke with Lois Gueret, Diane Morrison and Victoria Willard to find out how and why they left the church to get back to God.
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